Guitar Making Courses

The Galilee School of Guitar Making


I am pleased to announce the opening of my new workshop in Kibbutz Yachad, next to Hararit.

It is much larger than my previous workshop, so I am now able to offer guitar making courses for up to 5 people at a time.

Courses are flexible and tailored to the individual as I understand that everyone’s circumstances, time limitations, aims and expectations are different.

As a general rule, however, courses will cover every aspect of guitar making, including:


Selecting Materials

Practical understanding, proper use and care of hand tools

Acoustic theory

Guitar history, evolution and innovation

Guitar making as a career

and lots more…

as well as building your guitar itself.

Guitars will be made and finished using traditional methods, hand tools and natural finishes.








Courses are open to anyone interested in building their own guitar. No woodworking experience is necessary, though it will be an advantage. No qualifications are necessary. These courses are intentionally hands-on and workshop-based. You won’t be tested on anything. Though it will be challenging at times, it should also be a fun, enlightening and possibly life-changing experience.

Accommodation can be arranged for those wishing to take a residential course.

Please contact me for further details


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