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hararit signs

13 Jul







Here are 3 out of 5 signs engraved, before being painted.

My idea is that there will be a progression. The 1st sign has simple and clear lettering.





1022103  3

By the 5th sign there will be leaves and fruit around the letters.

Meanwhile, the sun above is also rising.

It will look much clearer after it’s painted.

The lettering will be this kind of blue.


For the individual signs below, I will use these letters and numbers:



They can be any colour. Each letter or word can even be a different colour.

For private logos, please bear in mind that this is free-hand engraving in wood. I should be able to do a good copy of the logos I’ve seen, but it won’t be a lazer-copy.

104 Each sign post will be around 2.1m tall and about 1m wide.

The individual signs below will be about 85cm x 20cm.

There will be enough space for a maximum of 7 notices on each sign-post.