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Ecological Jazz Guitar. Stage 1: Design

6 Jan

What with 2013 being the official year of Ecological Jazz (in my house anyway), I’ve decided to keep a blog of this latest project I’m working on. I’ll be building a flat top Jazz guitar from local and recycled materials for a musician who likes to play guitar, but not at the expense of our Mother Earth’s most precious dwindling, overexploited resources.

Stage 1: Design

by G Weigert guitar maker

First I draw the shape on a board – using a pencil and rubber (eraser) until I am satisfied with the outline.

G Weigert guitar design

I hold the template up to a mirror to check how it will look.

G Weigert Guitars. Original Design

When I am satisfied with the outline, I cut it out. Then, using it as a template a take it to the drawing board and fill in the other features. Soundhole, scratchplate, etc.